Find a New Kind of Church

BeginningsiChurchAmerica is here for people with questions about why we’re here on this spinning ball called Earth, about spirituality, the super-intelligent entity we call God, and what to do about it all, if anything.

This is no typical church, with a building where people gather to exercise their faith or worship. Nor does it represent any established church group. The church services you’ll find here are not ours, but examples from the churches we feature on our Church Page. This is an independent place in cyberspace where people are welcome to come for answers to spiritual questions that sometimes bug us all.

We’re not authorities who claim to have all the answers, but we’ve learned who some of the people are who have found some plausible answers, including a number of scientists with impeccable credentials. And some of their works are presented in these pages.

Some would say if you’re searching for answers there must be something inside you that’s causing the search. Some say it’s just media, or talk you hear or a family tradition. Let’s see if we can figure out how to sort through it. It may take a while, a few web pages, some recommended resources and maybe some visits to our Blog, but let’s get started.

First, you must have an inquiring mind, or you wouldn’t be here. That means you’ve noticed a lot of differing opinions.

Like, you’ve probably had some exposure to the debate among Creationists, Intelligent Design advocates and Evolutionists. Actually, aren’t the terms about different things? Creation and intelligent design about how stuff, including us, got here to begin with; evolution about what may have changed since? Darwin’s book, “On the Origin of the Species,” the one evolutionists base the roots of their case on, makes no attempt to explain the origin, as his title suggests. He concentrates on changes since then for his theory, now referred to as fact by his true believers. So they admittedly don’t know how life began, but they’re absolutely sure about how and why it has changed since?

So there’s a big debate about how all this stuff, and eventually we humans, got here to begin with. Some say it was a big bang, caused by nothing. Just an accidental happening that all that nothing became something without purpose. A huge something with more intricate parts than anybody can ever count or even be sure we know about. That a bunch of non-matter suddenly appeared by means unknown, had a blast, became matter, and pieces headed off in different directions. That was billions of years ago, as the story goes, and the whole glob of stuff is still expanding. We humans are hanging around on a tiny ball of stuff called Planet Earth. And natural science advocates don’t have a clue about why, so they say “for no reason at all.” Like, “if we don’t know the reason, there can’t be one!”

Others say a supreme intelligence most people call God created everything out of nothing by simply saying let it be… Words that caused a big bang maybe? Both are pretty incredible ideas, huh?

Together, let’s see if we can and get to something that makes sense to average people. That’s most of us.

To that end, we’ve provided some resources, and some info on today’s churches, with links to help us find out what the alleged experts are up to. Think they might be biased? Maybe. We’ll see.